The Netting Solution


Unlike old-fashioned rope-like nets which are ugly in appearance and heavy in weight, polyethylene netting is lightweight yet strong. It is pre-stretched by over 9 tons of tension and manufactured at a temperature exceeding the boiling point so it will never sag or stretch.
Bird netting is the most permanent, effective and low visibility solution for preventing bird access to the following:


• Entire building facades (from top to bottom), or enclosed/semi-enclosed area

• Airline hangars 

• Oil refinery compression decks 

• Food plant loading racks

• Canopies 

• Signs 

• Balconies

• Parking Garages

• Ponds

• Coal Plants

• Etc.


• Superior strength - 41# per strand
• 10 year guarantee
• Has a 259 F. melting point; "Sub Zero" stable; non-conductive.
• Available in black, stone, and white colors.

• Knotted polyethylene net is of maximum quality • UV stabilized • Flame and weather resistant