Welcome to Global Bird Management, Inc

Welcome to Global Bird Management, Inc

Welcome to Global Bird Management, IncWelcome to Global Bird Management, IncWelcome to Global Bird Management, Inc

Welcome to the place for bird control services

Global Bird Management Corp. was formed to help provide effective and specialized pest bird management programs for those who have been unable to find solutions to their difficult and environmentally sensitive bird problems.

Unwanted bird populations have been a serious problem throughout history. In the United States the major problem species are feral pigeons (Columbia livia), European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris), and English sparrows (Passes domesticus). These species are not native to this country, and have caused many conflicts between them and man. Problems where birds take up roosting or nesting in or around man-made structures are the main concern. Their presence can not only cause structural damage and product loss, but health, safety, and sanitation problems. Plant owners must often deal with the associated legal and moral responsibilities and liabilities created by these pest birds. In many instances, companies find it exceedingly difficult to find an environmentally responsible solution to their problem.


Bird Control Methods


Bird problems could represent a considerable health risk to humans and downtime due to interference with machinery or plant personnel.

We offer the widest selection of products to help you solve all your bird control problems...

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Structure Net Installation


Due to building structure, surrounding environment, or the breed of pest.  Bird netting may be your only realistic alternative. 

Totally encompassing walls, ledges and structures will often provide the only safe, sure and truly permanent solution.

Pond Net Installation


Companies today are not only limiting their productivity, but also leaving themselves open to possible future legal problems for not addressing their bird problems.



Dangers of Bird Droppings to the Health of Your Personnel

Pollution is officially defined as loss of purity and cleanliness through contamination.
There are over 50 species of fungi which are agents of many diseases infectious to humans. Pigeons live in close association with people and frequently cause serious problems with their droppings which become serious infectious air pollutants. An infectious disease caused by a fungus is called a mycoses. When it affects the respiratory system it is called a respiratory mycoses. Examples of important respiratory mycoses are aspergillus's, blasromycosis, and histoplasmosis. A non-respiratory mycosis involving pigeons is systemic candidacies. These fungi-causing diseases are acquired by inhaling the fruiting bodies or spores along with a particle dust. The fungi live saprophytically in feces and soil. These diseases are more common than they used to be, making them an ever growing health problem.

Dangers of Bird Droppings to Your Business

• Droppings deface buildings and sidewalks.
• Cause rusting and corrosion.
• Stop up gutters and downspouts.
• Render fire escapes hazardous.
• Represent a hazard to aircraft.
• Contaminate tremendous amounts of food.
• Destroy and/or damage fruit crops.
• Host to fleas, ticks, lice, mites.
• Nests host beetles, weevils, bedbugs, mites, etc.
• Droppings ideal media for fly breeding.
• Spread diseases via droppings and respiratory droplets to man and animals.
• Transmit salmonella bacteria causing food poisoning.

Don't trust your installation to just anyone


Improper Installation or Wrong Application

Can give the birds more places to make nests


Poor Planning

Can cause the installation to fail


Global Bird Management, Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions

• Do you catch the birds in the net?

No, the netting keeps the birds away from buildings and installations.

•       What do you do with the birds?

 Many times we will set up a live relocation program.

• What do you do with the bird droppings? 

They are first treated to kill the fungus spores, then bagged and disposed of in a toxic waste dump.

•       Why use Global Bird Management?

 Daniel Sicurella, president and C.E.O. of Bird Management Inc. has worked in the bird control field since 1987. He received training in pest bird management from some of the best people in the business, people known worldwide for their expertise in this highly specialized field. He has also worked with government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  He and his staff of trained specialists will be happy to discuss your needs, survey your problem sites, and propose appropriate solutions, whatever or whenever your pest bird problems may be.

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