Traditional methods of bird control


Good for sparrows, pigeons,starlings and seagulls, this gel will exceed temperatures of over 350F. and will not run or drip. It is fast and easy to apply and is especially effective for I-beams, ledges and overhangs.

Bird Deterrent Spikes

Our most affordable bird deterrent spikes are made of stainless steel and come with a 10 year guarantee. They are non-sharp, have a matte finish so as to minimize the reflection of sunlight and are virtually invisible. Their easy installation make our spikes one of the more popular choices.

Spring Wire

Springwire is comprised of a series of thin parallel wires which run the entire length of bird landing surfaces. For a low-profile and low-visibility deterrent it is an ideal choice and is effective for pigeons, seagulls and larger birds. Its low cost makes it especially suitable for long ledges and the tops of walls.

Electrical Deterrent Systems

A mild, harmless electrical shock not only makes birds go away, but also stay away, and our electrical deterrent systems do just that. Insulator strips are easily installed with silicone and require no drilling. Available in both 110 volt and solar panel models, our systems offer an extremely effective way of eliminating your bird problems.

Additionally Trapping Services are available

Sometimes, nuisance bird control requires relocation of the offending birds. Traps are baited with seeds, grain, or corn that will attract the birds. Then the birds are easily "relocated" to a place where they can't be a nuisance. Safe and humane.

Bird Netting

OUR CONTROL NETTING MEETS YOUR NEEDS! Ultra Net is made from durable, long-lasting, U.V.-protected polypropylene, and is:

• Noiseless
• Choice of mesh sizes
• Virtually invisible
• Long lasting (UV stabilized)
• Strong
• Safe (Made from FDA sanctioned resin)
• Lightweigh
• Easy to install
• Durable

Ultrasonic Bird Control Systems

Our "BIRD CHASE" Ultrasonic System is designed to discourage birds from enclosed (and semi-enclosed) areas, including warehouses, manufacturing plants, arenas, loading docks, etc. Birds are irritated by ultrasound in specific frequency ranges, which is undetectable to humans. Unlike other ultrasonic units on the market, the Bird Chase Ultrasonic System™ incorporates two driver units with three speakers per unit for a total of 6 speakers! The speakers are directionally adjustable, and have five (5) ultrasonic function modes including Ramp, Blast, Steady, Sweep and Random. The master control is a separate unit, offering remote control and can be placed wherever accessibility for the user is best. The coverage area for the Bird Chase Ultrasonic is up to 6,000 sq. ft. per system